Samsung 1-Up’s itself, again


This year Samsung went a low-key, less-Brodway route at an event much more to the point to unveil their new Galaxy S5 smartphone. It had been rumored for months and on February 24, 2014 Samsung inc. unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Barcelona, Spain at the 2014 MWC. This was a vast contrast between the 2013 unveiling of the Galaxy S4 which had Samsung unveil a sex-driven package at Radio City Hall in New York. Would a overhauled marketing approach mean a completely overhauled phone?

Early rumors had Samsung going the metal route for the back frame of the phone, but they stuck to the S4 formula and unveiled 4 plastic grip models (Charcoal Black, Electric Blue, Shimmery White and Copper Gold). With that said the plastic is much more conspicuous than the S4. It’s much more grip-able and feels a lot, lot natural in the hand. There’s no painted silver around the edges of the back and they’ve implemented grip dimples that offer a new texture and grip never seen on a Galaxy phone.

Inside, oh, just a ho-hum 2.5 GHZ quad-core processor. This blazing fast speed of a course a new record for Samsung mobile (outperforms the Note 3). The screen is largely unchanged adding .1 inches to the alright mighty 50inches Full HD Super AMOLED with eye-detection capabilities. Inside, you’ll be toying with the Android operating system you’ve come to know (4.4.2 Kitkat) with a Samsung TouchWiz interface.

The camera is beefed up offering 16megapixes on the back and 2 on the front. It also shoots at a stunning 4K at 30fps with video stabilization. The LED has also been upgraded into what Samsung has labeled “reflector-integrated flash LED.” This basically means a wider field of view, better daylight as well as nighttime pictures.

This is a smartphone with presence, an added fingerprint scanner, and a longer battery life of 21 hours (talk time) in a lighter, better gripped mold. So how are you gonna protect that bad boy? We’re proud to unveil our S5 line of case (all of which come with a money-back guarantee):


Available: Black, Orange, Pink, Red, and Blue

  • High quality two piece heavy duty protection case for Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phone.
  • Inner TPU case wraps around the Galaxy with a lip around the front edge of the glass.
  • The outer poly carbonate hardshell provides extra protection to the back, side and corners.
  • Accessible to all buttons, connectors, speakers and camera.
  • A kick stand on the back of the shell can turn your device into a small media center.

KAYSCASE Slim Hard Shell

Available In: Black, Blue, Clear, Pink, Glamour Gold

  • High quality Premium Polycarbonate case for Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Fully protects the back, sides and the edges of the front glass from scratches, dirt and bumps.
  • Ultra slim and easy grip gives you comfortable feeling.
  • Precise cut-outs allow accesses to all controls and buttons.
  • Low profile design to show case the beauty of your phone.

KAYSCASE Slim Soft Gel

Available In: Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Frost Clear

  • High quality thermo poly urethane case for Samsung Galaxy S5 from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Internationl.
  • Fully protects the back, sides and the edges of the front glass from scratches, dirt and bumps.
  • Ultra slim and easy grip gives you comfortable feeling.
  • Precise cut-outs allow accesses to all controls and buttons.
  • Low profile design to show case the beauty of your phone.

A reflection on the 2014 CES



The annual CES convention in Las Vegas is the apex of enlightenment in the tech world. The concept is to beam out massive amounts of knowledge from mad scientists from all over the world in an enormous tug-of-war for the public’s attention. And that’s just it. There’s so much to see that anything that exhibits ideas from 2013 or prior is now viewed as obsolete. With giant gatherings submerged around 4k TV’s and 3d printers, the tablet and smartphone booths were left mainly to eat their lunches in solitude. Ironic that we can’t seem to look away from our smartphones and yet we already seem tired of them. Perhaps the latest iterations of iPhones and Galaxys have set the bar so high that we’re left wondering where else they can go? Samsung had a very strong presence at CES but did not reveal any information regarding the Galaxy S5. Apple, meanwhile, is so big that they skip the annual convention all together.

While smartphones might currently feel “maxed out”, there was a time when HD TV was introduced that the same could be said about TV picture quality. Enter 4K and 8K TV’s where the picture is crystal clear that you might mistake it for looking out a window. No amount of pictures of a next-gen TV will do it justice until you see one in person. The picture is so clear, it made me question if I really want to see every pore on a person’s face as I’m watching a newscast. It’s still early in the game, but expect the next 15 months to be a big transition period for TV studios to make the switch. And as more programming becomes available, it’ll soon become the new must-have for every tech-savvy home. Just hope they finally increase the number HDMI ports (or do away with them all together) so we can comfortably connect our entire entertainment center at once.

The buzz of the week might’ve been centered on the new generation of TV’s for some, but for me it was the amazing advancement of 3D printers. The concept is really mind-blowing when you think of the possibilities this introduces even for a tech-savvy person like myself. Need a new coffee mug? Print one out. New toys for your kids? Sure, make a whole family of toys. Need a prosthetic leg? Sure why not (this was actually on display). The possibilities with this kind of technology readily available is limitless! We, at KaysCase, have discussed investing in one as a means to make custom cases right in the comfort of our office. If you haven’t seen the amazing 3D printed artwork on display at this year’s CES, please do yourself a favor and check them out here:



A simple checklist of dos and don’ts to enjoy your CES experience as much as possible:

-Comfortable shoes

This event is huge (and only becomes bigger and bigger every year). On average, I did about 3 miles of walking for each day. Be prepared for that (ladies, I’m looking at you) unless you’re satisfied with remaining stationary at your booth all weekend.

-Make yourself accessible

Be ready to engage with people from all over the world. Every corner you turn, somebody will want to talk to you, and it might get overwhelming to the point that you just want to put your headphones in and jam out to your Beyonce album. But don’t! There is knowledge and opportunity at every corner, so keep your ears open at all times!

-Stand out! (for booths)

With so much to see, if your company’s booth looks generic, chances are most people will glance right past. Be sure to have enough staff equipped to engage and answer questions, a look that sets yourself apart from the competition, and perhaps some free goodies for your audience. Seriously, who doesn’t love free stuff?

Check out our facebook page for pictures of the 2014 CES:


Hope to see ya’ll at the 2015 CES in Las Vegas!



Director Of Operations






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You have to purchase both cases directly from the seller, not from Amazon fulfillment. Or the coupon won’t work. To buy from the seller directly, click the 2 new from the link on the product page, and choose the product shipped by seller.

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—– Other Cases

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iPhone 5C and 5S coming September 10th!


Apple has scheduled a media event on Tuesday, September 10th to announce the release of two new iPhones. We here at KaysCase have been working extremely hard to gear up for the event and are very excited to introduce our case catalog for both iPhones.


iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S is the successor to the iPhone 5 which came out in 2012. While similar in appearance to the iPhone 5, the 5S will boost several new features that will surely make tech-junkies salivate.

The most anticipated new feature is likely the new built-in fingerprint scanner which will be integrated into the home button. While Apple will mostly use the feature as a staple of authentication for the user’s iPhone, app developers will likely use their own creativity to present unique twists into their respective apps. Also, Apple may use the finger print scanner to verify payments as an added form of security.

As always, Apple will also upgrade the rear camera system. This is rumored include a wider f/2.0 aperture and a move to a dual-LED flash. The video system will also feature a new mode titled “mogul mode.” This will allow iPhone users to create smooth slow motion video for the first time and will feature a fast frame rate of 120 frames per second!

Also, as they did with the 4S, Apple expected up the ante on the maximum storage offered in their models by including a 128GB model in addition to the standard, 16, 32, and 64GB models.

The Apple iPhone 5S will be announced September 10th and should be available to the public on September 20th. The 5S will feature the standard black and white models, and boast two new colors as a gold and a champagne colored iPhone are expected to debut.


iPhone 5C

In addition to the 5S, Apple is expected to announce the release of the long-awaited “budget” iPhone titled “5C”.  In previous years, Apple would drop the price of previous models when a new model came out. The new iPhone 5C will presumably shake up that strategy and fall in the middle of Apple’s lineup for people who want the newest gadget without breaking the bank.

But if you’re worried about Apple’s cheaper iPhone not being up-to-date on the latest hardware, fear not as it will essentially be an iPhone 5 wrapped in a plastic shell. So the same features we’re used to should be included like the A6 chip, 4-inch Retina display, 8-megapixel rear camera, and and the 1.2-megapixel front camera.

The iPhone 5C is a fraction of a millimeter larger than the iPhone 5/5S in all dimensions in order to account for the thicker plastic shell. The main selling point of the 5C will be the variety of bright and vivid colors it will be available in. Yellow, blue, green, red, and white 5C models have been confirmed with possibly more coming soon!

So if you’re wondering how you’re going to protect your new precious device, we at KaysCase are proud to introduce our protective line for iPhone 5S and 5C. In addition to the customer support and money-back guarantee you’ve come to expect from KaysCase, we will feature exciting deals that will surely fit your budget and style.


The ArmorBox (iPhone 5C)

Designed specifically for New 2013 Apple new iPhone 5C case and we used cutting edge technology to create the mold that perfectly fits the new iPhone. The slim case provides minimum protection needed while showcases the beauty of the phone.

Available in: Black, Red, Green, Blue, White, Pink, and Yellow



The Glamour Hard Shell Case (iPhone 5C)

Snap your Apple new iPhone 5C into this amazing KAYSCASE Slim Glamour cover case and your phone will stand out from the crowd. The thin layer of glittering back adds a glorious look to your phone. This case features full body protection in a slim, bulk-free fashionably-aware package that enhances your device’s aesthetics. Delivering everyday protection against impact, scratches, dirt, dust, and everyday hazards. Full access to all controls and a simple way to give your device minimum bulkiness and balanced protection.

Available in: Gold and Silver



Slim Soft Gel Case (iPhone 5S and 5C)

Designed specifically for New 2013 Apple new iPhone 5C case and we used cutting edge technology to create the mold that perfectly fits the new iPhone. The slim case provides minimum protection needed while showcases the beauty of the phone.

Available in: Black, Red, Green, Blue, White, Pink, Yellow, Clear, Smoked, and Purple



Bumper Edge Case (iPhone 5S and 5C)

Minimalist design with custom molded protection around the edges of the iPhone 5S and 5C.

Available in: Black, Red, Green, Blue, White, Pink, Yellow, White, and Purple



The TurtleBox Heavy-Duty Case (iPhone 5S and 5C)

Install your Apple new iPhone into this amazing KaysCase TurtleBox case and instantly experience the elegantly added protection. This case features full body protection that enhances your device’s aesthetics. Delivering everyday protection against impact, scratches, dirt, dust, and everyday hazards. Full access to all controls and a simple way to give your device minimum bulkiness and balanced protection.

Available in: Black, Blue, Red, Pink, White, and Orange




The Slim Hard Shell (5C and 5S)

Let the beauty of your phone shine through with the clear model, or switch it up with a variety of colors!

Available in: Clear, Blade Silver, Blade Black, Black, Red, Green, Blue, White, Pink, Yellow, White, and Purple



And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our full catalog of new iPhone cases here!

The [Rumored] iPhone 5C: What We Know So Far

Leaks and rumors about what Apple is working on always spring up when August rolls around each year. iPhone fans search high and low for whatever information they can gather on what new technologies will be added onto the newest iPhone. This year, loyal customers are all speculating about the iPhone 5C.



It’s still just a rumor, but there’s a lot of information supporting the existence of this “budget” iPhone 5. Many pictures, such as the one above, have shown both plastic cases for the iPhone 5C and for the overall plastic shell of the phone. Tim Cook has mentioned coming out with a budget phone for the masses so that their customer base opens up to those who may not be able to afford the latest and greatest right away, but still want to upgrade when the Apple products hit the market.



Speculators are mentioning that the “C” likely stands for “Colors”, tying their guess to Tim Cook’s mention of bringing more color options to the newest iPhone released this year. It makes sense to have a plastic version if they’re going to be producing many color variations of the phone’s shell. It’s likely to save on cost, and to make production quick and easy.

There have been some reports in China of Apple ordering the plastic shells like the one you see above. The iPhone 5C is becoming more of a reality with each passing rumor. But of course, Apple is great at throwing off the crowd. Those plastic shells that have been ordered were small in number, making it likely that Apple is just testing out some of their new product ideas. No one knows for sure if the iPhone 5C is going to be a reality, or if it’s just something made to throw fans off the scent.



With Samsung and HTC coming out with many variations of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, Apple is riding the wave with these rumored new phones. The iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5C, and the iPhone 6 are all expected releases for this year’s new addition to the Apple family. Not to mention the rumored iPad Mini, the iPad Maxi (which has very little information supporting it’s existence) and the new iPod.

Whatever Apple has in store (or not yet in stores *wink*) for this years line up is sure to cover a lot of ground, but no one is completely sure which devices are really on the way and which are just red herrings. Either way, Apple is confident that their new releases will astound the public.


-David Collins

The New Nexus 7 2.0 with Android Jellybean 4.3

Yesterday, Google proudly revealed some new additions to it’s hardware family. The Nexus 7 2.0 was it’s shining new tablet.


The new Nexus 7 2.0 has made a large step forward in the world of tablets, being the first tablet to hold 330 pixels per inch. The tablet resolution is always a native 1080p, and is the only tablet to do so currently. The CPU and GPU processors are both 4x as fast as the previous Nexus 7, and it’s sporting a beautiful and very fast Jellybean 4.3 OS. 


Tablets are only getting more popular due to how functional they are, and also because of how family friendly they can be. On the Nexus 7 2.0, there’s a new feature that allows users to make restricted profiles for their children, enabling parents to completely control the content their children are allowed to access. Apps and games can be turned on and off from the initial user’s profile, allowing parents to make sure that kids are using their tablets for whatever they choose to dictate. 



The biggest release involving the new tablet is the brand new ChromeCast. This small USB device hooks up to the HDMI port in your television and allows users on any Android or iOS device to bring online content onto the television directly. It will stream Youtube videos, Netflix movies, or music directly from the Cloud, so it doesn’t depend on your phone’s processing power. 

With this addition to the Google family, the Nexus 7 2.0 can be used on the go and at home to bring (and control) high quality content in the household. 


We currently have three cases available for purchase on Amazon for the Nexus 7 2.0.

The Flipstand:

The Bookshell:

The Slimbook:

All which can be purchased now. 

-David Collins



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The App Store: 5 Years Strong and Looking to Get Stronger

Today is the 5th “birthday” of Apple’s famous App Store. When the program was launched 5 years ago, it completely changed the world of technology. There isn’t a day that passes by without millions of apps opening up each day. Apple took apps to a new level by opening up user friendly applications to the public through the iTunes Store. Previously, systems like the App Store were only for developers and were known to be quite a bit more complicated in functionality. But Apple has consistently provided the hardware and software for any and all developers to make and publish their own apps.

There’s an impressive track record seen over these last 5 years, but of course the focus has changed from what Apple has done to what Apple will do. At this year’s WWDC, it was mentioned that the App Store would see some changes but no details were released. Currently the App Store’s content (which features approx 900,000 apps) is only promoted by popularity. The top downloaded apps get the spotlight, while most of the apps don’t ever see the light of day.

This makes it extremely difficult for developers to find profit in such a cutthroat market. Most are hoping that Apple moves in the direction that the Android Marketplace now holds. In the Android Marketplace, apps are shown and recommended by relevance instead of just by how popular the app is. This opens up doors for niche marketing and can help to inspire creativity, as well as unique app designs.

Apple has yet to release any definite information of the changes they’re going to make, other than a “social popularity” function that will tell users what apps are most popular in their areas. Other developments are still under wraps. Although there have been some changes to the company overall, the App Store is one thing that has only progressed since it’s launch. Whatever the company has in store for it’s newest updates, it’s sure to be high quality.

We’ll likely find out soon.

-David Collins

The HTC One Mini

Just like with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Series, HTC has decided to move forward and come out with their own line of the HTC One. This is likely due to the fact that the Snapdragon 800 just hit the market, so both companies are looking to keep their successful smart phones at the top of their game.


The HTC Mini is rumored to have a lot of impressive tech under the hood. It will likely sport 2GB of RAM, a 4MP UltraPixel camera, 16GB internal storage and Beats Audio enhancement. Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Sense 5.0 UI should tick inside. And of course, the new Snapdragon 800 processor.


The big issue right now is that people are concerned. With these newer, more powerful phones, consumers aren’t sure if their purchase will be the “biggest and best” for more than a few months. S4 users have several types of S4 to choose from, and with the addition of the HTC One Mini and the HTC One Max, the One line now has a large arenal of options as well. This may be a common change made due to the Android system’s sense of personalization and open option UI style.


In the end, users are still looking forward to the HTC One Mini coming to stores likely in August under AT&T. We’ll be keeping our eyes our for more developments on the Mini, as well as any other variations that may be released in the future.

-David Collins


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Windows 8.1 Release Review

For all the Microsoft fans out there, the world was excited to see the new Windows 8.1 update finally hit devices earlier this week. The OS has been through it’s ups and downs, but with Windows being the most used OS in the country (especially in the world of business) the release was a huge step forward for Microsoft. 

Microsoft is making a big push with 8.1 to enhance personalization with customization options. You can now change the color and background of the Start Screen to something more precise with a new color slider tool. You can also change it to a personal photo or the one that’s the background on your desktop. The lock screen can now display a slideshow of your photos.


•Last year when Windows 8 was released, critics and fans weren’t as pleased with the OS as most had been with Windows 7. But Microsoft has shown us a great deal of changes that they hope will bring more faith to Windows 8. The company is not backtracking on concepts such as the Start screen or the “immersive UI” which presents Modern apps without the clutter of visible menus and toolbars. Yes, there is a Start button on the desktop – but it takes you to the Start screen rather than restoring the menu in Windows 7. The Start button will be a point of familiarity for new users, but its main benefit is the enhanced administrative menu (known as Win-X because of its keyboard shortcut) which pops up if you right-click, including an option to shut down.
•SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage, is deeply embedded in Windows 8.1. It has its own section in PC Settings, and you can opt to save all documents to SkyDrive by default. Open Notepad, for example, type something, hit save, and it goes to SkyDrive if you do not change the location. Another SkyDrive change is that the Modern SkyDrive app now works offline, sharing local storage with the Desktop version. This makes sense if you travel or regularly work on more than one machine.
Microsoft is making a big push with 8.1 to enhance personalization with customization options. You can now change the color and background of the Start Screen to something more precise with a new color slider tool. You can also change it to a personal photo or the one that’s the background on your desktop. The lock screen can now display a slideshow of your photos.
Overall, Windows 8.1 is focusing on improving the on the issues that users had been having issues with in the original 8.0 version. It’s available now for all Windows 8.0 users, completely free as an update. 
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