KaysCase FlipSmart Leather Smart Cover Case with Flip Stand for Apple iPad 3 – the new iPad

I will start to write about our product and the behind scene stories on how the product is developed. Today’s hero is KaysCase FlipSmart.

This is probably the most popular style of a tablet case. Most case companies have a similar product. The most popular one is probably CaseCrown Bold Standby which is sold on Amazon for about $25.

We call it FlipSmart, because 1. You can flip the front cover of the case back and transform it into a stand. 2. The cover of the case has the smart cover feature of automatically turning the iPad on and off by opening and closing the cover.

When we were planning for our new product lines for the new iPad, we had a huge discussion on whether we should include this product. The question was: if everybody is doing it, why should we do it, and how to make us different? We finally decided to make this case because although our goal is to create unique cases and try to stand out from the crowd, as a new brand, we want to also make something that everyone else makes, so people can easily compare our products from those from other brands. If we are truly making great quality products as we are committed to do, it definitely will build a good name for us. Therefore, when people are choosing the cases with our unique designs, they will be at ease about the quality of the cases.

We want to be unique, but we also want to cover our basis. Here are the specification of the FlipSmart case. There are 5 colors available, and purple is my favority color. Get it from our online store, or from Amazon. As of today, it’s on sale for only $10.99.


  • Stylish PU Leather exterior and interior
  • Custom-fit cradle holds your iPad securely in place
  • Front cover can be flipped over and folded back to create a stand.
  • Compatible with Apple iPad 3 – the new iPad, all buttons and ports remain accesible.
  • Magnetic strip built inside for secure closure and smart cover feature.



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