My first blog

Hi this is Kayla Miles, and this is my first blog! YEAH~~

I am excited to launch our website and our blog site We will integrate them into one website. I don’t know how to do that, but the wonderful guys from Ju Hu Technology will help me. I will try to write most of the blogs, but some of the teammates will fit in for me if I’m traveling, or not around a computer for some times.

I just realized that was not a good excuse. With all the smart phones and tablets, you really don’t need a computer to get on the internet and write blogs. The excuse is just too lame, especially for someone who sells protection cases for phones and tablets.

Our brand is Kay’s Case, or KaysCase, a more “search engine friendly” name, as the Ju Hu guys put it. I have been distributing cases of this brand to phone booths in shopping malls for a couple years. Now we are selling these cases on Amazon.

It has been a great experience so far. I’m replying emails of customers I have never seen and will never see. I can see how they like our product, or doesn’t like them, but are kind enough to provide us with comments and suggestions. I would like to thank you, if you are reading this, and try our best to create the best product for you.

That’s all for today. Got to run for a teleconference meeting with our supplier in China.  They were working on our new design of a new iPad case, and they will show me the sample tonight. I’m really excited!


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