Need a New Name for this Beautiful Case

Personally I think this is the most beautiful case we made for the new iPad 3 so far. We selected the premium Eco-friendly synthetic leather material to make this case. It gives the look and feel just like leather.

The design is unique. We added two stoppers on the front cover of the case, so when you use it as a stand on a smooth table top, it will be hard to move around. It also makes the case look different.

On the back side, we opened up a little window which can be used to support the case when it is used as a typing stand. The red color used in the cut out also adds uniqueness to the case, and compliment the leather cover.

We use micro fiber material with a little rubber feel for the inside of the case. This is not only good for the feel and protection of the iPad, also, it’s very helpful when you use the case as a stand. You can put the case up in any angle, and the frame will stop right there. It will not slip. This is a great material, and we plan to use it on some other cases we make. This is another reason we call it “Endless Angle View Stand” at this point.

Oh, it also comes with the smart cover feature, so you can open the case to turn on your iPad, and close it to turn it off.

Over all, this is a great case. We have two colors, black and pink right now. We plan to make more, but we want to give it a better name, a one word name, that will show most of the features of this versatile case.

Can you think of a name for us? Let us know before 5/15. If we pick the name you gave us, we will give you the case for free.

You can purchase the case on our Amazon Store.

Here’s our official YouTube video.


25 thoughts on “Need a New Name for this Beautiful Case

  1. Steve says:

    How about Executive Folio case?

    • kayscase says:

      Dear Steve, thanks for your comments! This case is compact enough for a business suitcase, the stand feature is useful for presentation, and typing angle is perfect for note taking, so I can see the reason why you want to call it “Executive Folio”. However, when we are designing this case, we wanted it to look more casual and more fun. That’s why we added the red dots to the front cover, and the red cuts to the back. So it does not look too formal.

      Sometimes we create a design from an idea that is received differently, and that’s not bad at all. Your opinion is valuable to us. I hope we can hear more opinions.

      Thanks again.

  2. bones241983 says:

    It is a Great video and looks great Just ordered a new ipad and was looking for a case so i think this IPAD ECOSMARTCASE looks great

  3. Marie Davino says:

    How about I Stand?

  4. Marie Davino says:

    is it too late to name it?

  5. kayscase says:

    Hi Marie, thanks a lot for your comments and suggested names. Sorry for the late response, as I was on a business trip yesterday. It’s never late to suggest names for this product. We will even draw 1 out of 10 people who tries to find a name for it, even if the name didn’t get picked, I am still not completely sold by these two names you suggested, but I think it’s on the right path. Could you elaborate a little more on why we should call it EcoStand?


    • Marie Davino says:

      What I love about what I see in this ipad case, is the ability to “stand” the Ipad up at any angle for typing and viewing, and I love anything that is eco-nomical and especially eco-friendly. Most of the other ipad cases I looked at do not offer both or even one as well as this one does. You had said you wanted a one word name, and it seems to put the two best parts together (although there is a lot more about the case that is cool) You said you wanted to keep it fun and casual, and that is a short casual word that encompasses the best features

  6. Camilla says:

    How about ‘ManiForm’, ‘ManiFold’, ‘MultiForm’, ‘MultiFold’ or ‘ManiStand’ ?

  7. Marie Davino says:

    Or, you could call it Ipad Ecofit, since you already have a Smartfit πŸ™‚

  8. Mariana reeves says:

    What about the kryptonian case?

  9. robin says:

    hey im not sure if i am late, but here is my suggestion. what about “rad red”…..Rad- stands for radical new design, the features in the smart cover. Red , well, self-explanatory. else another suggestion ” i -FIT “.

  10. How about “SuperCool”….yeah…that’s super-cool!

  11. kayscase says:

    We still have not decided what name we should use for this case. I believe it’s because we are still trying to figure out what our company culture is, and what kind of messages we are trying to tell our customers from our design. We want our product to be functional and fashionable. Finding a unique name to send that message is not easy, and we will keep searching.

    We want to give special thanks to Marie Davino for her continuous support and attention to our product, and we would like to send her a free case as our appreciation.

    Dear Marie, please contact us through our email


  12. Marie Davino says:

    AHHHHH!!!!! Thank you so much. I will show it off to everyone!!!!! I am so happy πŸ™‚

  13. kayscase says:

    Dear all, please read the following blog:

    We are running a clearance sale on this case, so you can get it for as low as $7.5. We are actually losing money, but hopefully we can make some room in our limited spaces in Amazon fulfillment center for our other hot selling products.

    We have about 100 of each color on Amazon. I hope you can get one before it goes out of stock.

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