The Sexy is Back – Samsung Galaxy S3

Could every iPhone 4 and 4S users who misses the curvy design of iPhone 3G raise your hand? I am one of them. The sexy curves are back! It is not a new iPhone, however, it is the most anticipated Android phone of 2012 – Samsung Galaxy sIII.

We are not going to do a review of this phone because, as gadget protection expert, we love all the gadgets we protect and it’s hard to give an unbiased review. Also, there are plenty of reviews out there, and we are going to include the one from

This is a UK website, and Samsung Galaxy sIII is up for pre-order in UK on May 10th, 2012.

Reviews from is always thorough with lots of detail

KaysCase will be developing new protection cases for Samsung Galaxy sIII in the coming month, so it will be ready by the time this beautiful phone is released to US market. We will post new designs here periodically, and please chime in and share with us your opinion. If we like your idea, and decide to blend your idea to our new product, you will get that case for free.

KaysCase UrbanGeo Ultra Slim Case for Samsung Galaxy SIII

KaysCase Universe Case for Samsung Galaxy SIII

Let me use something funny to finish today’s blog. I tried to use Siri to help me search the web on “Samsung Galaxy SIII” on my iPhone, and I decided to ask Siri an interesting question:

“What’s the best smart phone.”

“The one you are holding.” is her answer.

Samsung Galaxy SIII came with S Voice, which is a counterpart of Siri. I wonder what would be his/her answer to the same question.

Cases and Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3 by KaysCase

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