Samsung Galaxy S3 US Release Date

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial day weekend! This is Josh Benter, marketing specialist for Kay’s Technology. My job is to develop multimedia presentation and promotion strategy for our new products before they hit the market. You many have heard my voice from a few YouTube videos for KaysCase products.

I will start to write some blogs when Kayla is not around, such as today, when she is taking a well-deserved vacation with her family.

I thought about what to write for my first blog, and I thought maybe you will be interested in the current project I’m working on for Kay’s Technology. It’s marketing for our product line for Samsung Galaxy S3 cases.

As you may know, Samsung Galaxy S3 is the next flagship phone by the biggest Android phone maker – Samsung. There are reports that say the pre-order by Samsung Galaxy S3 phone has hit 9 millions, exceeding the number of pre-ordered Apple iPhone 4S. Samsung and Apple are competing with each others in the consumer market, as well as in legal court. This is good for customers like us because they will definitely put the best of their technology in their best phones.

Today’s technology is improving in a speed of light. Since Galaxy S3 is released about 9 months later than the iPhone 4S, it’s got a whole suite of Apple-beating features.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has a hopping 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen. It offers the slickest Android Ice Cream Sandwich experience we’ve seen thanks to a 1.4Ghz quad-core Exynos processor, which eats 1080p movies for breakfast and can even play them in a pop-up window while you browse the web.

Extras like the microSD slot and larger battery give it the edge over HTC’s One X, and the 4.8in Super AMOLED screen is sharp and vibrant.

It is far thinner, lighter and delivers more for your money.

KaysCase will start with two product lines with the same technology we used to produce our Smart Solution iPad cases. We will have a rubberized hard shell case line, and a soft gel case line. Bothe cases come in different colors. Hard cases are more fit, and soft cases will be more grippy.

As usual, we will also have three kinds of screen protectors available – transparent, anti-glare, and mirror effect.

Check it out.

The global version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be released today (May 29th European time), but my biggest question is, when will Samsung Galaxy S3 hit the US market? Most cellphones in the US market are sold by carriers such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless. They will have to go through quite a few hassles before they can set up a release date.

The most reliable rumor as of now, is that Tmobile will release S3 on June 20th. We still don’t know about the others. Hopefully soon.

Cases and Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3 by KaysCase

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