KaysCase CityGeo iPhone 4/4S Case – The World Thinnest Case with Style

The case is only 0.4mm thick, arguably the thinnest phone case in the world. I say arguably because I’ve seen thinner ones, in test labs in factories, and from pre-finished samples. But the CityGeo case is the thinnest among profitable ones out there on the market. Our engineers are really proud of it. They spent many weeks working on this mold after we gave them our designed patterns, and ask them to integrated it to the phone cases.

The reason we want it to be as thin as possible is because when we design this case, we have in our mind a busy person that lives in a metropolitan city. She/He works in a skyscraper, and lives in a high rise condo. He/She sees a lot of window blocks of the buildings. He/She is busy, punctual, careful and precise. Of course this person uses the best of the best phones, an iPhone 4S. This kind of person will not put a bulking case on the phone. He/She would use the phone naked, if he/she is not worried about the scratches it may get when she puts in the cup holder on a treadmill.

So we want to create something that’s barely there for the phone, but it’s special enough for this trendy person to be willing to even think about using it to wrap the beautiful iPhone.

We want the blocks to be part of his/her memory and future nostalgia of the concrete forest after he/she moves to the suburbs years later. It’s nothing significant. Nothing more than maybe a song that could remind you of something happened in the past.

When you hit the big cities after college, you are ambitious, you believe the whole world is waiting for you, to make something unusual. Years later, you are probably doing not too bad. Somebody is probably doing extremely well, but after all, for the majority of us, the world is spinning the way it does, as if it would, with or with you. I hope by that time you have already realized that you are not really tasked to save the world, but to make a difference, for something you do, and someone you love.

So there you go, CityGeo, nothing significant, yet definitely something unusual.

KaysCase CityGeo Ultra Thin Snap-on Case for iPhone 4/4S on Amazon

One thought on “KaysCase CityGeo iPhone 4/4S Case – The World Thinnest Case with Style

  1. Dan Caliendo says:

    I got a Kayscase armor for my iPhone 6 and love it. Now my wife wants one for her iPhone 4s. Do you make such a case (with belt clip). Thanks.

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