Samsung Galaxy S3 Unboxing and First Impression

We have made a YouTube video on Samsung Galaxy S3 Unboxing and First Impression on Tuesday. Lia and Josh from our marketing team did a terrific job put the video together. As a tablet and phone case manufacturer, usually we can get the device before it hits the stores. The item is always so popular in our company. Not only because everyone wants to touch and feel the newest technology, but also because we need it for our work. Design team needs it to try on different material and patterns, production team needs it to fit the samples, and marketing team wants to play it to come up with inspiration on how we can promote accessories for the gadget.

We wanted to do this type of video for a while, and finally we decided to do it on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Lia, our newest team member is just phenomenal! She told us she has never watched any product review type of videos before she joined us, and she did it in a way as if she was doing this for years. Also, big kudos to Josh for burning the night oil to edit the video and put it out there on the same day. We did a teaser on the previous day letting people know we will be doing the unboxing on the next day, and almost couldn’t make it the next day. We thought nobody would notice, but we actually receive comments from other YouTube users asking us when we are going to upload the video, so we had to get it done as sort of a fire drill mission. But the guys not only did it, but also completed the mission beautifully.

Without further a due, here’s the video.

I hope you enjoyed it. Please don’t forget to like it, subscribe us, leaving comments to let us know how we did, and last but not least, go to our Amazon store, and check out our Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories.

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