Smart Cover Cases for Google Nexus 7

Kayscase just launched the Google Nexus 7 product line last week.

About two day ago, we are contacted by a customer asking if our cases will have the smart cover feature, and she showed us this amazing video, which is now circulating on all gadgets and Android websites.

We immediately contacted the owner of the video, YouTube ID wwscoggin and ask him if he both polarities of the magnet can trigger the feature. As some of you may know, the auto wake/sleep function of Apple 3rd Generation new iPad can only be triggered by certain polarity of the magnet. wwscoggin is so nice that he sends us another video showing that the features works for both polarity.

We have uploaded the video to our own YouTube channel with his permission.

Thanks to user Tauxic who replied in this post on the, we know that Apple has a patent on Smart Cover.

I really like the comments from Android Police on the Apple patent on smart covers. This is from the article on Android Policy, which first published the video from wwscoggin.

“Reviewing Apple’s patent on its Smart Cover, it seems to be rather narrowly tailored in form and function for the Smart Cover and iPad mechanism specifically, and focuses more on its ability to latch onto the host device rather than turning its display off and on. There is talk of “useful functionality” being added by the cover, but based on the patent language, that seems to still fall only within Apple’s particular design and mechanism – not in general. So, it’s entirely possible (even likely) Google and ASUS’s design here isn’t sufficiently similar to infringe – but we don’t know. That’s the kind of question that only a teardown, an engineer, and a patent lawyer can fully answer.”

How will Apple respond to Google about this patent, we will wait and see. Most likely Google will pay a license fee, or maybe a secrete agreement has already been signed by Apple and Google, so all Google Nexus 7 tablet users can enjoy this great, smart, energy efficient feature.

KaysCase is now in the process of making all our folio style cases with this smart cover feature. A huge thanks to wwscoggin.


7 thoughts on “Smart Cover Cases for Google Nexus 7

  1. Moises says:

    Can you please make a cover without leather. I would be the first to buy it

  2. kayscase says:

    Dear Moises, are you asking about a folio style case made of materials other than leather? Could you tell us why you do not like leather, and what other materials you prefer?

    We do make back cases with TPU, which is a soft rubbery plastic case, perfect for back covering and easy to grip. It comes in two style



  3. hey guys,
    I too would love a different material case. I wont go into too much detail on why i dont like leather, i just dont for this particular use case, i’d prefer have a leather one and a polycarb. one for different occasions. Please look at this video from a florida company who makes this case for the kinle fire, im in love with it but i prefer stay loyal to one company when possible.
    Also, please consider some way of implementing a magnet on the back of the case, allowing the folio screen flap a way of being “secured” behind the device when flipped around, leaving you to hold it in any fashion without worrying about holding the flap down.

    • kayscase says:

      Dear Fee, Thanks a lot for your comments. The polycarbonate back with a polyurethane (synthetic leather) cover is a nice combination for cases. KaysCase is planning to make these kind of cases, but it will take longer time, because these cases require more quality assurance and user acceptance testing. We will get there and please stay tuned.

  4. Paul says:

    I just bought your first Nexus 7 case that you offered (the black PU with penholder), as I had preordered my Nexus 7 and the darn official covers were sold out…and I couldn’t wait any longer!

    Through a stroke of luck, I stumbled across your cases in Amazon and ordered the black PU model which seemed to be the only one shipping ASAP! I was wondering if the one I’m getting will be having the magnets that you mentioned? If it doesn’t, is there any way you could ship those magnets to me, since I may have missed it by just a few days?

    I’ll probably be getting a second Nexus 7 soon for my brother, and I was thinking of getting this case from you –

    The screenshots aren’t very clear, but is this a hybrid model with a leather cover and an inner TPU case/shell that covers the entire bottom half of the Nexus 7? If you could post more detailed screenshots it’d be a great help. Also, I assume that the Nexus 7 in the inner case/shell can be completely detached from the leather cover, since this is a hybrid case?

    Will this be coming with the magnets too?


    • kayscase says:

      Dear Paul, we are actually sending out free magnets along with the cases for all of our pre-orders regardless if you are adding that to your cart or not, so you should receive your case with it. Google kept the secret from us so well, or we could have just added the magnet inside the case. We are planning to do that for all of our applicable future products, including the Bookshell case.

      The Bookshell case is still a leather case, which has a leather wrapped polycarbonate case for you to snap the case in. It’s still a work in progress, so we will update the photos once they are available.

  5. Paul says:

    I’m pretty happy to hear this – so even with my preorder that I made on July 9th from Amazon that was finally shipped by USPS yesterday (the 16th), it’ll come with the magnets?

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