KaysCase Smart Cover Case for Google Nexus 7

We are proud to announce the KaysCase smart cover case for google nexus 7 – the SlimBook.

The SlimBook is a snap on hard shell case covered in a high quality synthetic leather cover. The hard shell case is a perfect protection of Nexus 7 tablet, and unlike most leather cases, it does not have a frame to cover the edges of the front glass, giving you access to the full screen.

The leather cover is slim, which adds very little bulkiness to the case. It has a magnetic flap to securely close your case. It also has magnet installed in the cover, so it will trigger the magnet sensor in the tablet to automatically wake up the tablet when opening the cover, and put it to sleep when closing it.

The cover can also be folded back to make the case a stand for watching videos as well as for typing.

The inside of the leather cover is also made of polyurethane leather which is perfect for protecting the front and back of Nexus 7.

The case is now available on Amazon, and you can choose from 6 different colors.



YouTube Video

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