The Making of Kay’s Case Slim hard shell case for Google Nexus 4

The Kay’s Case SLIM is a well-known Series we offer to many smart phones and tablets made by Apple, Samsung and other brands. It comes in two versions. A hard shell version, and a soft gel version. We would like to talk a little more about the SLIM hard shell cases today. Made of poly carbonate, t’s lightweight, easy to install and take off, providing minimal protection but still showing the true beauty of your device. It’s a one of our best sellers.

The making of the SLIM case, however, is not as simple as it looks. Since it’s a snug fit, it has to be perfectly matching to the device. If it’s too loose, it will not protect the phone well. If it’s too tight, it will crack easily. Usually we create the mold for our cases using the specification provided by the device manufacturer, so we can have it (almost) ready when the device is about to be released. Once we have our hands on the device, we will use it to test and fine tune the mold until it’s 100% fit. This process is extremely important not because we can’t make a mold that matches the specifications, but because sometimes the device manufacturer will alter the specifications that release earlier.

We had always been successful with our SLIM hard shell cases until Google Nexus 4. The Google Nexus 4 is a beautiful phone, and we knew it’s going to be a blockbuster, so we made plans for it way ahead of time. Once the phones are available, we purchased two of them and shipped them to our factories in China immediately. Unfortunately, the Chinese Custom got hold of the phones for regulatory inspection. The process would take a week! Releasing the product a week later means giving a big head-start to our competitors, so with some bad decisions, and erroneous operation, we shipped cases that doesn’t even fit to the hand of our customers.

We made sure we contacted all customers, issued them full refunds or sent them alternative cases. We almost abandoned the product line, however, many customers supported us and let us know that they like the design and believed we can make it better.

One months later, after we have gone through a lengthy quality assurance process, we finally released a new version of the SLIM cases for Google Nexus 4. We reached out to our customers, giving them this case to try out, and we are slowly receiving their positive feedback. We are delighted with the result, and we are more than happy that we can finally make most of our customers happy.

We would like to end our story with a review of the case from one of our customer, by Matthew from beautiful Toledo, Ohio.


Long before my Google Nexus 4 arrived I began to order accessories for it.

At the time the official Google bumper was unavailable and Otterbox and some of the other ‘go-to’ companies were not offering any protective cases for the phone. Of those suppliers who were marketing accessories most were on a pre-order basis with a delivery date in late 2012 or early 2013.

I wanted a case that offered some protection but no bulk. The KaysCase slim hard shell cover case seemed to fit that bill. KaysCase Slim Hard Shell Cover Case for Google Nexus 4 Smart Phone E960 (black)

Like other Nexus 4 cases the KaysCase offerings likely were pushed rapidly from rough design to overseas production and some early releases not only didn’t fit very well… some actually wouldn’t fit the phone at all!

The projected arrival date came and went but KaysCase reps stayed in touch with delivery updates. Before the early version case ever arrived at my doorstep the company contacted me with the discouraging news that cases from the first production run didn’t fit the phone and couldn’t be made to fit. They offered the option of a full refund or the more expensive KaysCase gel case and a set of screen protectors for the same money. I opted for the gel case and screen protectors.

Now I had never before done any business with this company. In fact, my sole experience at purchasing a protective case for an electronic product had been laying out a very long dollar on an Otterbox Defender case for a generation one iPad. Having spent more than $75.00 on that case I knew a little bit about how nice the fit and finish of a case can be.

The fit of the gel case KaysCase sent was a little loose but acceptable and I had opted for a wet install Skinomi screen protector before what KaysCase sent had arrived. That setup would have to do until the official Google bumper became available.

Flash forward to early February 2013.

KaysCase sent an email notice that a new slim fit hard shell case guaranteed to fit was available. I had no sooner ordered it than the Google bumper came back in stock and I ordered one of those, too.

Both the bumper and hard shell case arrived the same day. Setting the KaysCase package aside I eagerly opened and installed the Google bumper which looked good on the phone, fit very nicely but definitely added some girth to the sensation of holding the Nexus 4 in my hand. So I removed the bumper, opened the KaysCase package, and slipped the slim fit hard shell case around my phone.

My initial impressions were favorable. The case held the phone firmly and was less obtrusive than the gel case had been. I had the sense that the width of the phone in my hand with the case was narrower that the phone had felt with the bumper.

The top and bottom of the KaysCase are trimmed in a way that offers some protection while maintaining complete access to the ports and sensors. The on/off button and volume rocker have their own generous cutouts. The opening for the speaker is a little high and to the right of the speaker itself but its effect is purely cosmetic and doesn’t interfere with the sound.

Overall I’d say KaysCase got it right on this batch of Nexus 4 slim fit hard shell cases. Like most of the lighter weight cases out there this one probably won’t offer much protection from a drop onto concrete. But in combination with a good screen protector I believe it will do a good job of preventing nicks and scratches from everyday use that I’m looking to avoid.


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