Introducing the KaysCase BookCase 2.0!

Here at KaysCase we have been busy designing our newest case and are finally ready to unveil it! This case is a fusion of our two best selling cases, ‘The Slim Hard Shell’ and ‘The Book,’ therefore we are calling it the KaysCase BookCase 2.0. These two cases are different from one another in what they will provide for your phone. People desiring a slim case that will not add any bulk or weight to their phone tend to choose the slim style cases, while those who choose ‘The Book’ to protect their phone, enjoy the sophisticated look and superior protection that the synthetic leather cover adds to their device. ‘The Book’ is stylish and functional, complete with a wallet style card holder, cash slots, and an optional viewing angel for watching videos. Due to the overwhelming popularity of these two cases we knew there was something special about both of them.

We wanted to create a case that fused the elements of both cases together, so that our customers could have the best of both worlds.Our engineers have been working hard on designing a case that successfully bridges the gap between these two cases a case, thus the creation of ‘The BookCase 2.0’! Upon first glance it looks and functions just like ‘The Book’ but, once a closer look is taken, one will soon realize that the hard shell interior is removable and is adhered to the leather cover by a piece of magic tape. The tape is made of a silicon material, so no annoying glue residuals will be left on the Hard Shell case. The magic tape is reusable, durable, washable, the stickiness of the silicon is actually reactivated with water. The BookCase 2.0 is the perfect option for those who want a slim designed case, but also wish to have the unique features and security that the added protection the leather cover will provide. Take a look at our video to see Lia Moore demonstrate how the case looks on the iPhone 5. We will be making these for the newest smart phone on the market the Blackberry Z10. They will soon be available on If you have already purchased a HardShell case you will be eligible for a discount once they become available, so please check back with us.

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