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BlackBerry Z10 is Available for Pre-Order at AT&T, Delivery Date is 3/22/2013!

At KaysCase there is always much excitement surrounding the release of new gadgets on the market. As soon as we hear about the latest smartphone’s release, we immediately start the planning and creative process for new cases designed to protect and enhance the device itself. We know that people are going to want to have a protective layer surrounding their prized smartphones as soon as they unbox them. Therefore, upon the announcement of the release of the Blackberry Z10, we began working diligently to bring the most high quality materials and effective designs to our customers. The Blackberry will be released this coming Friday, on 3/22/2013.  AT&T will ship pre-orders by March 22. Here is the link to  preorder the phone. To preregister for T-Mobile click here . We got the information from the blackberry website.

The Blackberry z10 is a revolutionary smartphone for Blackberry, with no keyboard it is fully touch screen, it has a 4.2 inch high resolution screen, and 8 megapixel camera, it is reminiscent of the iPhone 5, only with a larger screen and plastic body. The smartphone uses a 1.5-GHz dual-core processor and has a microSD memory card slot that can be used to expand its storage. The Blackberry z10 will hopefully bring Blackberry’s popularity and success back, as Apple and Android have dominated the smartphone industry the past few years. The Z10 is much more inexpensive than the iPhone and Android Smartphones as well.

To celebrate the excitement of Blackberry’s release in the U.S, Blackberry is throwing a launch event in NYC! Canada and the Uk experienced a few amazing launch parties, and now the U.S will get to join the fun on Thursday, March 22, 2013. It is an invite only event and the amazingly talented Janelle Monae will be performing along with Young the Giant and DJ Z-Trip. It sounds like a fun time, we haven’t received our invitation yet… wink wink. 🙂

We are proud of the cases that we have made for the BlackBerry Z10! The following are a list of all the cases we have made and they are all available on You can click the following links and it will take you to the product page for each product.


Weekly Giveaway!!

Last week was our first giveaway, in which we gave away a ‘Book Shell’ case for the iPad Mini. As we promised last week, we have announced another KaysCase Case Giveaway! This week’s giveaway features a beautiful two layer case for the iphone 5 we have named, The Frosting Shell. The case consists of a soft silicon rubber material, which is the first layer and comes in five  colors (green, blue, pink, white, and red). The  outer layer is a hard shell, which comes in black and white. With all of these color choices, that makes ten possible color combinations. The double layer adds a unique look to your phone, while doubling the protection and not adding too much bulk or weight to your phone. One lucky viewer/reader will win one of these protective, yet stylish cases. All that you have to do enter to win is subscribe to our youtube channel and leave a comment on the video stating which color combination you would prefer, as well as the answer to this question:

What do you look for when choosing a case for you tablet? (ex: protection, design, unique features, functionality, style, or what you would like to see in your dream case?)

We will be doing these giveaways every week, so stay tuned for your chance to win. We may even be giving away tablets and smartphones sometime  in the future as well, so that is very exciting.

How Durable is the Magic Tape on the BookCase 2.0?

Our newest case, the KaysCase BookCase 2.0 is a two piece case, one part slim hard shell, one part leather cover case. The Slim hard shell case is removable and adheres to the leather cover case by a piece of magic tape, which runs vertically along the inside of the leather cover. The magic tape is made of a washable and reusable silicon material, not glue…so no annoying sticky residue will collect on the back of your phone. It really is an amazing product! We decided to put the durability of the magic tape to the test, to see how well the hardshell case adheres to the leather cover. This is the ultimate test to see if it can remain in one piece through Lia Moore’s dancing and shaking…watch and see how the case held up through her wild movements! We have another video on our channel, featured in an earlier blog, which goes into great detail explaining the features of the the BookCase 2.0.