KaysCase is Launching Cases for Samsung Galaxy S4

Dear Customer,

Thank you for being a fantastic part of the KaysCase business! Our main goal is to make our customers as happy as possible, whether that be through our reliable products or our continued customer service.

We are pleased to announce that we are currently having a sale on our Galaxy S3 products! For all returning customers, we will be providing you with a 35% discount off of every purchase of every color and style of Galaxy S3 cases. This is a great opportunity to get that other color you had your eye on or to try out a new style of case. Please use coupon code K35OFF when you purchase any of the following KaysCase Galaxy S3 cases on Amazon.

We highly recommend taking this opportunity for yourself, but also for your friends and family! The discount is restricted to returning customers, but we encourage you to use your discount to grab gifts for those who are in need of a new KaysCase.

And just in case you’re preparing for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 upgrade, we’ve got a whole line of S4 products ready for pre-order! We’ve taken all the feedback we’ve received from our S3 products and have made some great changes to our S4 case lineup. The pre-order prices are catered to our preemptive buyers who know when to grab the best deal on our high quality product.

Please visit Amazon for our latest Galaxy S4 Cases

Slim Hard Shell – ultra slim scratch protective case with little added weight

Slim Soft Gel – Soft slim cases protects the back and all edges of your phone.

ArmorBox – Nice looking heavy duty case with a KickStand

Flipper- A leather case covers the front and back of your phone.

Book 2.0 – Two cases in one. A Slim Hard Shell Case with a leather protective cover

ColorLine – a bumper that protects the sides of the phone and adds a touch of color

ArmBand – Sports lovers’ net for the phone.

TurtleBox – Dual Layer Protective Heavy Duty Case

Screen Protector – High quality transparent or anti-finger print screen protectors, or a combination of both

Customer Care
Kay’s Technology

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