50% Off All KaysCase product for Samsung Galaxy S4

The amazing Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally here, available for pre-order on Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T, and T-mobile. I know how you’ve loved our S3 cases, and KaysCase is providing you the S4 cases in same quality and designs, and we even added more models. Check them out on Amazon, and try our cases. If you don’t like them know. If you do like them, write a product review to let everybody know.

As an appreciation, we are going to run a promotion that we have never done before for new products. We are giving you 50% off for a whole week!

The magic code is KAY50OFF.

Please visit Amazon for our latest Galaxy S4 Cases

Slim Hard Shell – ultra slim scratch protective case with little added weight 5 colors ($9.95)


Slim Soft Gel – Soft slim cases protects the back and all edges of your phone. ($9.95)


ArmorBox – Nice looking heavy duty case with a KickStand ($12.95)


Book 2.0 – Two cases in one. A Slim Hard Shell Case with a leather protective cover ($12.95)


Flipper- A leather case covers the front and back of your phone. ($8.99)


ColorLine – a bumper that protects the sides of the phone and adds a touch of color ($9.95)


ArmBand – Sports lovers’ net for the phone. $10.95


TurtleBox – Dual Layer Protective Heavy Duty Case $12.95


Screen Protector – High quality transparent or anti-finger print screen protectors, or a combination of both $7.95


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