The App Store: 5 Years Strong and Looking to Get Stronger

Today is the 5th “birthday” of Apple’s famous App Store. When the program was launched 5 years ago, it completely changed the world of technology. There isn’t a day that passes by without millions of apps opening up each day. Apple took apps to a new level by opening up user friendly applications to the public through the iTunes Store. Previously, systems like the App Store were only for developers and were known to be quite a bit more complicated in functionality. But Apple has consistently provided the hardware and software for any and all developers to make and publish their own apps.

There’s an impressive track record seen over these last 5 years, but of course the focus has changed from what Apple has done to what Apple will do. At this year’s WWDC, it was mentioned that the App Store would see some changes but no details were released. Currently the App Store’s content (which features approx 900,000 apps) is only promoted by popularity. The top downloaded apps get the spotlight, while most of the apps don’t ever see the light of day.

This makes it extremely difficult for developers to find profit in such a cutthroat market. Most are hoping that Apple moves in the direction that the Android Marketplace now holds. In the Android Marketplace, apps are shown and recommended by relevance instead of just by how popular the app is. This opens up doors for niche marketing and can help to inspire creativity, as well as unique app designs.

Apple has yet to release any definite information of the changes they’re going to make, other than a “social popularity” function that will tell users what apps are most popular in their areas. Other developments are still under wraps. Although there have been some changes to the company overall, the App Store is one thing that has only progressed since it’s launch. Whatever the company has in store for it’s newest updates, it’s sure to be high quality.

We’ll likely find out soon.

-David Collins


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