The [Rumored] iPhone 5C: What We Know So Far

Leaks and rumors about what Apple is working on always spring up when August rolls around each year. iPhone fans search high and low for whatever information they can gather on what new technologies will be added onto the newest iPhone. This year, loyal customers are all speculating about the iPhone 5C.



It’s still just a rumor, but there’s a lot of information supporting the existence of this “budget” iPhone 5. Many pictures, such as the one above, have shown both plastic cases for the iPhone 5C and for the overall plastic shell of the phone. Tim Cook has mentioned coming out with a budget phone for the masses so that their customer base opens up to those who may not be able to afford the latest and greatest right away, but still want to upgrade when the Apple products hit the market.



Speculators are mentioning that the “C” likely stands for “Colors”, tying their guess to Tim Cook’s mention of bringing more color options to the newest iPhone released this year. It makes sense to have a plastic version if they’re going to be producing many color variations of the phone’s shell. It’s likely to save on cost, and to make production quick and easy.

There have been some reports in China of Apple ordering the plastic shells like the one you see above. The iPhone 5C is becoming more of a reality with each passing rumor. But of course, Apple is great at throwing off the crowd. Those plastic shells that have been ordered were small in number, making it likely that Apple is just testing out some of their new product ideas. No one knows for sure if the iPhone 5C is going to be a reality, or if it’s just something made to throw fans off the scent.



With Samsung and HTC coming out with many variations of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, Apple is riding the wave with these rumored new phones. The iPhone 5S, the iPhone 5C, and the iPhone 6 are all expected releases for this year’s new addition to the Apple family. Not to mention the rumored iPad Mini, the iPad Maxi (which has very little information supporting it’s existence) and the new iPod.

Whatever Apple has in store (or not yet in stores *wink*) for this years line up is sure to cover a lot of ground, but no one is completely sure which devices are really on the way and which are just red herrings. Either way, Apple is confident that their new releases will astound the public.


-David Collins


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