The 2015 CES Review


CES stands for Cool Eons of Stuff. Actually it’s the Consumer Electronics Show but it feels like an endless electronics aisle of stuff you wish you had (and probably will soon). The biggest names in the tech world (minus Apple) are on-hand to reveal their new shiny toys. Here at Kay’s Technology we keep a close eye on all gadgets as we are always looking for ways to create new accessory solutions. So without further ado, here’s what caught our eye at the 2015 CES.


Virtual Reality

It’s something that’s been discussed for decades, but never quite implemented correctly. 2015 seems to be the year that it’s ready to take off and big companies like Sony, Oculus, and Samsung were on-hand to display. All companies brought something different to the table, but they all had the common goal to make VR headsets into the next mainstream generation of gaming. TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington was able to test out Oculus’ Crescent Bay headset and described it as a “different class of experience that truly transports you.” Oculus is branding this headset as the first VR headset that won’t induce nausea, which means it’s finally almost becoming a reality that people will buy into.


More power in smaller packages

One of the most eye-turning reveals at CES was from Intel’s Compute Stick. Intel has never been known to create its own PC until now. Only, it doesn’t look like a full PC. The Compute Stick is the size of an Amazon Fire TV HDMI stick, but contains a full blown PC inside with Windows 8.1. It’s powered by a Intel Atom Z3735F Bay Trail quad-core processor which rivals most standard PC’s on the market today. An alternate model also comes with Linux pre-loaded. Both come with a microSD card slot to add more storage space, and both also sport a full-size USB port, micro USB, Bluetooth 4.0, and 802.11n Wi-Fi. Prices at only $149, this tiny stick will surely garner interest among those seeking a new PC.


The Internet Connected To All & Everything

Sure, we’re used to the internet now on all of our phones, tablets, and even TV’s. But if there’s one thing proved at CES 2015, it’s that we should expect every appliance to offer connectivity. It’s made clear by every new gadget demo; the processing systems and infrastructure is in place. Now it is up to developers to apply new and innovative ways to use the internet to improve daily life. Open the fridge, and see you’re out of orange juice? Order some more right from your fridge. As long as consumers are enticed by the idea and assured that their data security is not in jeopardy, the wave of the future is a world where everything is connected to one another.

Everything else

There’s too many cool gadgets to list them all but here’s a few that sparked interest at Kay’s Technology:


An Android TV Box has been done before, but never has the emphasis been on gaming like with Razer’s Forge TV. This will let you play Android games on your TV with up to four controllers connected at one. It also allows you to stream from your desktop PC to also play games Steam, Orgin, and UPlay right on your TV.


The THYNC Mood Changer

We’ve seen mood-changing bracelets in the past that claim to adjust your mood, but none that actually felt like a significant step. The THYNC Mood Changer makes wearables to the next level. The company describes its process as it uses electronic or ultrasonic waveforms to signal neural pathways in the brain. When specific pathways are stimulated, they trigger a shift in your state of mind or energy level. It uses a bluetooth pad to connect your smartphone, in which you can control your different mood settings.


The LG Twin Wash

Washing seperate loads for clashing colors has always been a chore, but the LG Twin Wash looks to simplify the process with a seperate compartment underneath the stardard washer. The Mini Washer itself pulls out from its housing like a drawer, to reveal its own separate controls and top-loading door. Users can then load in clothes and detergent, set it to the desired temperature and cycle, then leave it to wash while the main washer operates independently.



Pre-portion your ingredients, and the mighty robotic arms from Cooki will do the rest. It’s arms are positioned above a cooking pot that sits on top of an induction cooktop. You can connect via bluetooth to your iOS or Android device and select whichever tasty recipes you’re in the mood for. The Cooki automatically sets time, temperature, and does all the manual labor for you. A friendly notification is sent to your device when it’s time to eat.


The Mercedes F 015

The F-015 is a  collage of futuristic technological concepts. Mercedes has put all its focus on the lounge-style cabin as the seats swivel around to face one another. This, in turn, means the car does not require human driving responsibilities. If the lounge-style seats is too much human contact for you, the digital arena of 6 HD displays integrated into the vehicle can get passengers lost in the world of cyber-entertainment.

What will the future hold for the rest of 2015? Keep it locked here at Kay’s Technology for more updates on everything Technology!

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