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The Xbox One, the PS4, and the Future of Smart Phone Integration

The new Xbox One


At the beginning of this week, Microsoft revealed their newest console in the Xbox lineup, the Xbox One. The company decided to take their gaming platform in a new direction, integrating the system with other forms of entertainment in order to make the Xbox One the new hub of entertainment in the home. Some of the technology shown has given us a glimpse into not only the future of gaming and home entertainment, but the integration of cloud technology and the growing potential of smart phones.

Already smart phones have become the main focus of the tech race since Apple changed the world with the iPhone, 6 years ago. Since then, every major phone company and software company has been putting heavy amounts of time and money into giving individuals the power of a computer in a mobile device. And with the introduction of cloud technology, which allows users to connect all of their online content to separate hardware devices, the smart phone is now the most important purchase an individual can make. So where does the Xbox One stand in this system and why is it important?

Gaming aside, the Xbox One is an entertainment system that is joining the cloud network. The new system will be able to be operated by any smart phone that runs the latest Windows OS. Your phone can act as a remote for your Xbox, similar to the function the Nexus 4 has with the Nexus Q. You can search and download Xbox games with your mobile device while at work and your system will download the game at home. These sort of accomplishments are driving smart phones to become necessary in today’s technological world.

The Playstation 4 is moving forward in the same direction. Sony has the mobile gaming device, the PS Vita, which can also download games to the home system while on the go. Not only do the two systems communicate with each other, but they can also connect to your smart phone.

The main focus here is that smart phones are becoming the most important part of daily tech life. The advantages of having the latest device are becoming more important to everyday life. Whether it’s programming your DVR with your phone while busy at work or having control over the content your children are downloading onto their newest gaming system, smart phones are quickly becoming a necessity in everyday life.

The technology of work and recreation are linking, so it’s important to keep an ear to the ground in all veins of tech. KaysCase will be keeping you updated on the biggest moves these companies are making to keep your daily life fun, easy, and entertaining. The future is now.

-David Collins

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