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A reflection on the 2014 CES



The annual CES convention in Las Vegas is the apex of enlightenment in the tech world. The concept is to beam out massive amounts of knowledge from mad scientists from all over the world in an enormous tug-of-war for the public’s attention. And that’s just it. There’s so much to see that anything that exhibits ideas from 2013 or prior is now viewed as obsolete. With giant gatherings submerged around 4k TV’s and 3d printers, the tablet and smartphone booths were left mainly to eat their lunches in solitude. Ironic that we can’t seem to look away from our smartphones and yet we already seem tired of them. Perhaps the latest iterations of iPhones and Galaxys have set the bar so high that we’re left wondering where else they can go? Samsung had a very strong presence at CES but did not reveal any information regarding the Galaxy S5. Apple, meanwhile, is so big that they skip the annual convention all together.

While smartphones might currently feel “maxed out”, there was a time when HD TV was introduced that the same could be said about TV picture quality. Enter 4K and 8K TV’s where the picture is crystal clear that you might mistake it for looking out a window. No amount of pictures of a next-gen TV will do it justice until you see one in person. The picture is so clear, it made me question if I really want to see every pore on a person’s face as I’m watching a newscast. It’s still early in the game, but expect the next 15 months to be a big transition period for TV studios to make the switch. And as more programming becomes available, it’ll soon become the new must-have for every tech-savvy home. Just hope they finally increase the number HDMI ports (or do away with them all together) so we can comfortably connect our entire entertainment center at once.

The buzz of the week might’ve been centered on the new generation of TV’s for some, but for me it was the amazing advancement of 3D printers. The concept is really mind-blowing when you think of the possibilities this introduces even for a tech-savvy person like myself. Need a new coffee mug? Print one out. New toys for your kids? Sure, make a whole family of toys. Need a prosthetic leg? Sure why not (this was actually on display). The possibilities with this kind of technology readily available is limitless! We, at KaysCase, have discussed investing in one as a means to make custom cases right in the comfort of our office. If you haven’t seen the amazing 3D printed artwork on display at this year’s CES, please do yourself a favor and check them out here:



A simple checklist of dos and don’ts to enjoy your CES experience as much as possible:

-Comfortable shoes

This event is huge (and only becomes bigger and bigger every year). On average, I did about 3 miles of walking for each day. Be prepared for that (ladies, I’m looking at you) unless you’re satisfied with remaining stationary at your booth all weekend.

-Make yourself accessible

Be ready to engage with people from all over the world. Every corner you turn, somebody will want to talk to you, and it might get overwhelming to the point that you just want to put your headphones in and jam out to your Beyonce album. But don’t! There is knowledge and opportunity at every corner, so keep your ears open at all times!

-Stand out! (for booths)

With so much to see, if your company’s booth looks generic, chances are most people will glance right past. Be sure to have enough staff equipped to engage and answer questions, a look that sets yourself apart from the competition, and perhaps some free goodies for your audience. Seriously, who doesn’t love free stuff?

Check out our facebook page for pictures of the 2014 CES:


Hope to see ya’ll at the 2015 CES in Las Vegas!



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