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KaysCase CityGeo iPhone 4/4S Case – The World Thinnest Case with Style

The case is only 0.4mm thick, arguably the thinnest phone case in the world. I say arguably because I’ve seen thinner ones, in test labs in factories, and from pre-finished samples. But the CityGeo case is the thinnest among profitable ones out there on the market. Our engineers are really proud of it. They spent many weeks working on this mold after we gave them our designed patterns, and ask them to integrated it to the phone cases.

The reason we want it to be as thin as possible is because when we design this case, we have in our mind a busy person that lives in a metropolitan city. She/He works in a skyscraper, and lives in a high rise condo. He/She sees a lot of window blocks of the buildings. He/She is busy, punctual, careful and precise. Of course this person uses the best of the best phones, an iPhone 4S. This kind of person will not put a bulking case on the phone. He/She would use the phone naked, if he/she is not worried about the scratches it may get when she puts in the cup holder on a treadmill.

So we want to create something that’s barely there for the phone, but it’s special enough for this trendy person to be willing to even think about using it to wrap the beautiful iPhone.

We want the blocks to be part of his/her memory and future nostalgia of the concrete forest after he/she moves to the suburbs years later. It’s nothing significant. Nothing more than maybe a song that could remind you of something happened in the past.

When you hit the big cities after college, you are ambitious, you believe the whole world is waiting for you, to make something unusual. Years later, you are probably doing not too bad. Somebody is probably doing extremely well, but after all, for the majority of us, the world is spinning the way it does, as if it would, with or with you. I hope by that time you have already realized that you are not really tasked to save the world, but to make a difference, for something you do, and someone you love.

So there you go, CityGeo, nothing significant, yet definitely something unusual.

KaysCase CityGeo Ultra Thin Snap-on Case for iPhone 4/4S on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S3 US Release Date

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial day weekend! This is Josh Benter, marketing specialist for Kay’s Technology. My job is to develop multimedia presentation and promotion strategy for our new products before they hit the market. You many have heard my voice from a few YouTube videos for KaysCase products.

I will start to write some blogs when Kayla is not around, such as today, when she is taking a well-deserved vacation with her family.

I thought about what to write for my first blog, and I thought maybe you will be interested in the current project I’m working on for Kay’s Technology. It’s marketing for our product line for Samsung Galaxy S3 cases.

As you may know, Samsung Galaxy S3 is the next flagship phone by the biggest Android phone maker – Samsung. There are reports that say the pre-order by Samsung Galaxy S3 phone has hit 9 millions, exceeding the number of pre-ordered Apple iPhone 4S. Samsung and Apple are competing with each others in the consumer market, as well as in legal court. This is good for customers like us because they will definitely put the best of their technology in their best phones.

Today’s technology is improving in a speed of light. Since Galaxy S3 is released about 9 months later than the iPhone 4S, it’s got a whole suite of Apple-beating features.

Samsung Galaxy S3 has a hopping 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen. It offers the slickest Android Ice Cream Sandwich experience we’ve seen thanks to a 1.4Ghz quad-core Exynos processor, which eats 1080p movies for breakfast and can even play them in a pop-up window while you browse the web.

Extras like the microSD slot and larger battery give it the edge over HTC’s One X, and the 4.8in Super AMOLED screen is sharp and vibrant.

It is far thinner, lighter and delivers more for your money.

KaysCase will start with two product lines with the same technology we used to produce our Smart Solution iPad cases. We will have a rubberized hard shell case line, and a soft gel case line. Bothe cases come in different colors. Hard cases are more fit, and soft cases will be more grippy.

As usual, we will also have three kinds of screen protectors available – transparent, anti-glare, and mirror effect.

Check it out.

The global version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be released today (May 29th European time), but my biggest question is, when will Samsung Galaxy S3 hit the US market? Most cellphones in the US market are sold by carriers such as AT&T and Verizon Wireless. They will have to go through quite a few hassles before they can set up a release date.

The most reliable rumor as of now, is that Tmobile will release S3 on June 20th. We still don’t know about the others. Hopefully soon.

Cases and Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3 by KaysCase

KaysCase Smart Solution

If you want me to say if there is a flagship product by KaysCase, I have to say it’s the KaysCase Smart Solution. It’s not even a full case. It’s a back cover. Using it with an Apple smart cover can provide full protection to your iPad. We have 22 variation of this case. From hard case to soft case, from transparent to solid color. I’m sure you can always find a case that suits you.

After we added the concept of applying a magnetic strip to the case to secure the smart cover when folding back, the real fun starts.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Note 10.1 Cases

[Update 8/16/2012] The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet is available in US today. We thought you may want to see a few Galaxy Note 10.1 Cases and Accessories we have. Here’s a link to our Amazon product listings.

KaysCase Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet Cases and Accessories on Amazon

KaysCase FlipStand Leather Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Inch Tablet N8000 N8100 with Built-in Stand and Stylus Loop

KaysCase FlipStand Case

KaysCase Screen Protector Film for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Pad x 2

KaysCase Screen Protector

KaysCase BookShell Leather Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet (Black)

KaysCase BookShell Case


[Update 5/30/2012] This is so embarrassing. I have a bad news to tell you. Our factory had a problem with the materials due to humid weather, and they are not able to deliver the Tab 2 cases on time. The delivery date is postpone one week. The screen protectors are still scheduled to  delivery on time.

I am so sorry for those who trusted us and pre-ordered the product. We failed to keep our promise. We would like to offer two solutions.

1. We will issue you a 30% discount. Most people who read this blog and ordered the cases are getting it for free, and that offer is still valid.

2. If you would like to wait, we will send you the case you ordered when they become available around 6/10/2012, and we will send you a free screen protector if you haven’t ordered one.

[Update 5/21/2012] We have received quite a few emails from people who have read this blog and they are asking whether it is true that we are giving away free cases and accessories, and why we are doing this. As we said in the description for each one of our product listed on Amazon,

“We are selling a lot of our cases at the market lowest price because as a new seller, it is more important for us to let customer know about our product and services. If you have any questions or doubts, let us know. If you don’t like our products, email us, and we will try our best to make you happy. We want to get 100% positive feedback from our customers, and we know the only way to achieve that, is to make you 100% satisfied. Please give us a try.”

For a new seller, free giveaways are a method to market ourselves. I want to make it clear that we are giving out 5 free products for EACH one of the listing here, not 5 in total for all products. We are making thousands of each product, so 5 free product is not going to bankrupt us. 🙂 The reason we want you to purchase it first is that we hope whoever gets it is a serious buyer who is planning to use it, not just someone who gets it because it’s free.

Since it’s pre-order, your card will not be charged until we ship the product, and we will refund you within 1 business day after shipment. I hope I have answered all the questions, but if you still have doubts, feel free to email us at


Samsung is always one of our favorate brand. We started our preparation for Galaxy SIII release for a while, and originally I thought we don’t have enough work force to tackle the newly released two 7.0 inch and 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab 2.

As I mentioned in the other blog, KaysCase launched ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 Product Line, and surprisingly it’s selling really well. We know a lot of people are comparing the 10.1 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to ASUS TF300, and 7.0 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to another hot selling Android tablet of the same size, the Kindle Fire. If TF300 is doing well, according to our own sales record, Samsung shouldn’t do too bad either. Why save the good designs while there are two top-notch tables that needed them? We are already in the fast lane, why should we stop? So here you go.

As usual, I am going to include a review of the two tablets here, for you to make a decision on whether this should be the right gadget for you.

They are both from my favorate engadget website. Ok, without further a due, ladies and gentlemen, introducing KaysCase Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and 10.1 Product Line…

KaysCase ManiFold Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Pad with Multiple Angle Stand (3 colors)

KaysCase Screen Protector Film for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Pad (Transparent or Anti-Glare)

KaysCase Screen Protector Film for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Pad

KaysCase Screen Protector Film for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Pad (Transparent or Anti-Glare)

KaysCase Screen Protector Film for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Pad

The screen protectors will be available late next week, and the cases will be available late this month. I know we are late in the game, so we really need your support. The first 5 buyers of any of the above product through the link to our Amazon site, if you can put two digit month, two digit date of your order number, dash, and the last 7 digits of the order number, followed by the product name here as a comments, we will give you the product for free! So this is what you want to do:

0519-3884243: KaysCase Rotary Folio Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Pad with Multiple Angle Stand and Hand Strip

Even if you are not the first 5, if you leave the above comments, we will refund you the shipping charges.

Best iPad Case for Kids. Best iPad mini Case too.

Hi, I’m Bluey. They also call me KidBox, because I’m like the treasure box that every kid has, and you can use me to protect a big treasure that your family has – the iPad. I am designed to work for iPad 2 and iPad 3. iPad 1? Hmmmmm, I wasn’t even born when that thick guy is around, so probably we won’t get along. I hope the pictures have explained everything about me. I have a handle for the little ones to drag me around, and I can serve as a stand for them to watch videos. I love what I do, to protect your iPad, and make it easier for you to use. Take me home, and be my friend.


If you are a girl, you may want to check out my sister Pinky.


Hi, I’m Pinky. They also call me KidBox, because I’m like the treasure box that every kid has … you probably have heard all these from my brother Bluey, so I’m not going to bore you again. I work for exactly the same kind of iPads (2 and 3), and have exactly the same handle, which can be pushed back into a stand, except that PINK is a great color. It is way cuter, so take ME home, and be MY friend.


Also, I hope you can meet my baby sister Orange.

Hi, I’m Orange. Let me try to say this and I hope I don’t mess up. “They call me KidBox, because I’m like the treasure box that every kid has, and I’m used to protect a big treasure of your family – the iPad. I am designed to work for iPad 2 and iPad 3. iPad 1? I hope the pictures have explained everything about me.”  I love what I do, to protect your iPad, and make it easier for you to use. Take me home, and be my friend.


Limee is the newest member of the KidBox family.

A lot of families nowadays buy iPad for their kids, because it’s easy to use, and has tons of educational and fun apps. But iPad is an expensive device. Parents can never let a young kid play with an iPad without a good protection case. As a designer, I always wanted to create something that is super protective, but not bulky so kids would like to use.

I have to say we got some inspiration from existing products that are already out there targeting young customers. I think EVA is a good material to use. It’s strong enough to protect the iPad, yet light enough so a child will not feel tired after holding it for a long time.

We call it KidBox, and was hoping it was just like the toy box we had when we are little, before there are Nintendo, playstation, iPod, and that box has all of our treasures, and we liked to take it anywhere we go.

We want it to be fun, but at the same time functional, so we came up with an idea to create a handle, that can also serve as a stand. We tried many different kinds, and came up with the one we have now.

As for how to put the iPad in, we had a big discussion. One point we have is that, if it’s easy to install, the kids can easily take it off. Definitely parents do not want that to happen. We would rather make it a little harder to put in, so it will stay safely in. That’s how we got the opening on the back of the case. It also serves the purpose of exposing the camera, the power button and part of the speaker. Now we can say all ports are open.

KaysCase KidBox, the best iPad Case for Kids! Take one home today.

KidBox is now available for iPad mini as well. Check them out: 

Please of the specification difference of different iPad models, we have the following for kinds of KidBoxes for iPads.

KidBox for iPad 2, 3, 4:

KidBox for iPad mini 1, 2, 3:

KidBox for iPad Air:

KidBox for iPad Air 2:

Be Careful, Be Creative

I read an article on WIRED magazine the other day

Oracle Wins (Tiny) Battle in War With Google

It talked about the legal battle between Oracle (who bought the company that created JAVA) and Google on weather Android, the operating system that is widely used on smartphones, is copying from JAVA source code.

JAVA started as an open source language by a company called SUN. Later SUN commercialized some JAVA libraries. Android is an open source operating system originally developed by Google developers, most of who, as open source coding guru, should be pretty good at JAVA.

Now SUN has been bought by Oracle, and they want to cut a piece of the pie created by the fast expansion of the Android phones. I see this as the continuation of the battle between software licensing and open source movement. To make a larger argument, it is a war between intellectual property protection and limitation of creativity.

I left the following comments with this article:

“I really think we should figure out a way to protect intellectual property but still encourage improvement of those protected intellectual property.”

Today I got a reply from a user called Gnurkel:

“Try this sentence instead: “I really think we should figure out the best way to stimulate creativity”. Copyright is a means to an end, not an end unto itself.

If you stare yourself blind on “protecting IP”, then you loose many things – amongst them human rights (privacy, freedom of communication etc), but also the loss of creativity based on building on something others have made (also known as progress) that assuredly comes with granting exclusive monopolies on knowledge.

The theory that a near perpetual, exclusive Copyright regime is the best way of stimulating creativity has never been proven, and I can name half a dozen peer-reviewed papers that indicate the exact opposite – that current patent and copyright regimes are a net barrier rather than encouragement.

… …

the current systems are fundamentally flawed, and are way due for reform.”

He improved my exact question to this dilemma with more accuracy and insightfulness. So I decide to write this blog.

He also added these comments later on

“Edit: I noticed you make protection cases – what if you were sued by someone who had patents for making “protective envelopes for screen-based mobile technologies”, by Apple for using the trademarked word “iPod” or the Apple logo without permission – or by a photographer for Copyright infringement when using the background image on the iPad? What if the lawsuit itself was enough to drive you out of business, even if it never stuck in court?”

Here’s my answer: As a human being we can question a lot of rules and regulations, but as a business owner, who wants to run a successful business, we have to pay attention to these things.  My goal is making money. Not following rules will cost us, so when we do a new design, we check patent registrations to make sure we can use our own creative idea because no one else has thought about it first and decided that no one else can profit from it. When we write product descriptions, we cross our i’s and dot our t’s, and we only use trademarked terms for the purpose of description not promotion. And we always use paid photos and images.

I agree to the point that if we are making money on something owned by others, they are entitled to a share. That is why we need the copyright laws and patent laws. However, I hope the law makers can figure out a way to distinguish a disguised infringement of copyright from a true improvement of a patented idea. Also, for the patent review authorities, they should really think about whether or not a patent, although used to protect a pretty good idea,  is going to limit people from using a eventual common sense.

I’d like to use a KaysCase product to finish my blog.

KaysCase Smart Solution Hard Shell Smart Cover Compatible Back Cover Case with Magnet Strip for Apple – the New iPad 3

We launched a new iPad back case series to work with the Apple smart cover. It’s working great. People love it. Later, we got some customers emailing us and telling us about a similar product. It’s a back case with a magnetic metal piece curved into the back, so when you fold the smart cover to the back and read the iPad as a book, the smart cover will be attached to the back by magnet and will not flip around.

This is a brilliant idea, we instantly decided to improve our product with that. The first thing we would like to do is check if the product is patented. While that’s been going on, one of my colleague came up with another brilliant idea. We decide to sell a soft magnet tape made of EMC Absorber, which can be applied to any back case, to achieve the same effect of attaching the smart cover to the back.

KaysCase Smart Solution Cover Case Magnet Partner for holding Smart Cover to the Case for Apple iPad 3 – the new iPad

This is definitely an economical and flexible solution. First of all, we don’t have to carve into the case to install the metal plate, which requires certain thickness of the case, so we can still keep the KaysCase Smart Solution Hard Shell case as thin as just 1.1mm, the thinnest among all. The tape can be applied to the inside of the case, so you will have the continuation of the rubber feel of the whole back. It’s soft, and will not scratch to your iPad. It can be applied multiple times. Also, you can be creative with the tape by cutting out different shapes and patterns. I probably should talk about that in another blog.

After all, if you just want a back case with magnet strip installed, you can always purchase it from us here:

KaysCase Smart Solution Hard Shell Smart Cover Compatible Back Cover Case with Magnet Strip for Apple iPad 3 3rd Generation – The New iPad

My whole point, with the magnetic strip back case, is that, I understand if the first company who created the back case with a metal plate decided to patent that, so other companies cannot copy it to make a profit. However, I disagree if the patent is on any method to attach the smart cover to the back of the case. We respect patent, but we respect creativity even more.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy mother’s day to all mothers in the whole world!

I hope you have enjoyed the 30% off promotion on our website, or the 40% off on our Amazon store and bought some nice gifts for your mom. Or moms, if you received an iPad from your children as a gift, you can still get a protection case or other accessories from our website and Amazon. Offer ends tonight.



The Sexy is Back – Samsung Galaxy S3

Could every iPhone 4 and 4S users who misses the curvy design of iPhone 3G raise your hand? I am one of them. The sexy curves are back! It is not a new iPhone, however, it is the most anticipated Android phone of 2012 – Samsung Galaxy sIII.

We are not going to do a review of this phone because, as gadget protection expert, we love all the gadgets we protect and it’s hard to give an unbiased review. Also, there are plenty of reviews out there, and we are going to include the one from

This is a UK website, and Samsung Galaxy sIII is up for pre-order in UK on May 10th, 2012.

Reviews from is always thorough with lots of detail

KaysCase will be developing new protection cases for Samsung Galaxy sIII in the coming month, so it will be ready by the time this beautiful phone is released to US market. We will post new designs here periodically, and please chime in and share with us your opinion. If we like your idea, and decide to blend your idea to our new product, you will get that case for free.

KaysCase UrbanGeo Ultra Slim Case for Samsung Galaxy SIII

KaysCase Universe Case for Samsung Galaxy SIII

Let me use something funny to finish today’s blog. I tried to use Siri to help me search the web on “Samsung Galaxy SIII” on my iPhone, and I decided to ask Siri an interesting question:

“What’s the best smart phone.”

“The one you are holding.” is her answer.

Samsung Galaxy SIII came with S Voice, which is a counterpart of Siri. I wonder what would be his/her answer to the same question.

Cases and Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3 by KaysCase

To Show Apple Logo, or Not to Show Apple Logo

When you purchase a protection case for your favorite device, do you want to cover or expose the logo of the gadget, especially when the gadget is the famous Apple brand?

When our design team are working on any Apple case design, it seems unavoidable that we will have a huge discussion on whether or not we should show the Apple logo. On one side, we understand how people love the Apple product, and we do have statistics that shows people are proud to be Apple product owners, and are more willing to show it to others. On the other side, it’s always a design nightmare of having to stop the natural flow of a design to accommodate the displaying of the Apple logo, mostly by a cut out.

Our design artist Ashley created a funny picture, which is added to our Amazon listing of the following two product lines.

For these two lines, the decision for us is easy. We just make two versions of the same case: one has solid color, and one is translucent. Now the answer to the question is yours: which one will you pick? To show Apple logo, or not to show Apple logo. That is a question.

KaysCase Smart Solution Hard Shell Smart Cover Compatible Back Cover Case for Apple iPad 3 3rd Generation – The New iPad

KaysCase Smart Solution Soft Gel Smart Cover Compatible Back Cover Case for Apple iPad 3 – the new iPad